STOP PRESS! Never mind the 8th Day, we are in the 10th day of self-isolation. In light of the lunatic decision to invite 4,000 people from the second most infected area in Europe to come and party in our local bars, it was a good call. It would not be in the least surprising if Liverpool

Hello !

Welcome to Chris & Paul’s website, 

There may be some photographs of interest but a lot of it is for our use.



Login here for existing Photographs & Files only. NB - ALL new photos or videos MUST be imported into Lightroom on main PC before being uploaded to the NAS.

Dining Room TV

Select Films, Programmes & Music for Panasonic Panel in the Dining Room - not including Blu-ray or Amazon Firestick thing. NB - all our Digital Music is also available next to Dad's old amp in Music Room.

Raspberry Pi

Vegetable Garden Weather Station. Front & Back Garden Security Cameras (not inc Bird Feeder Cam). Central Heating & Interior Lighting.

Words for 2020

A set of activities and processes to solve problems by using or applying the characteristics of game elements.

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Is it important or is it .....

Too early to say

This is potentially as important as were Disrupters at the end of the 2010's
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The use of motifs, designs & colours from the natural world in interior design.

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Is it important or is it .....

A Load of Bollocks

I have seen Ivy leaves used as decoration in underground tombs in the Valley of he Kings, so 6,000 years later do we really need to re-invent the concept ?
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Two initials of one gigantic concept which is the 5th Industrial Revolution.

B.R. ?

Is it important or is it .....

Not a Bollock in Sight

AI will alter society in ways as yet unknown. All well and good that it will help people in so many ways but just what will all the people who drive for a living do when 75% or more are no longer needed ?
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  • (+44) 0151 448 ttrr
  • Baden House - Liverpool - UK
  • Two spare bedrooms always available for old friends (pls give us as much notice as poss as we intend to do a lot of sailing in 2020/1)
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