At the end of that first week
Adam had Eve & Eve had Adam but something was missing - they had nothing to share...

Then suddenly, two green shoots appeared - it was the first ever Theobroma Cacao - a Chocolate tree !
It was at dawn on the ...


Hello !

Welcome to 8thDay

Microgreens & Specialist Chocolate Supplies



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Internal links to the various old radio dramas, hot tunes and other stuff that keeps us entertained as we work ..... Latest favourite are Simon Brett's audiobooks - Mrs Pargeter rules the roost around here.

Raspberry Pi

This is a link to the tiny little brain that controls the whole microgreen operation - it might be small but it is amazingly capable and fun to program. Everything from the heat and lighting control to nutrient monitoring goes on 24/7. It also manages all the web based sales and financial stuff.

Words for 2020

A set of activities and processes to solve problems by using or applying the characteristics of game elements.

Bollock Rating

Is it important or is it .....

Too early to say

This is potentially as important as were Disrupters at the end of the 2010's
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The use of motifs, designs & colours from the natural world in interior design.

Bollock Rating

Is it important or is it .....

A Load of Bollocks

I have seen Ivy leaves used as decoration in underground tombs in the Valley of he Kings, so 6,000 years later do we really need to re-invent the concept ?
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Two initials of one gigantic concept which is the 5th Industrial Revolution.

B.R. ?

Is it important or is it .....

Not a Bollock in Sight

AI will alter society in ways as yet unknown. All well and good that it will help people in so many ways but just what will all the people who drive for a living do when 75% or more are no longer needed ?
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  • Baden House - Liverpool - UK
  • Two spare bedrooms always available for old friends (pls give us as much notice as poss as we intend to do a lot of sailing in 2020/1)
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